Meet the artist

G300-1Born at Iron Gate, Virginia in 1949, G. Webb (yes it’s just “G”) grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and began painting avidly by age ten. At Nashville Central High School, an art teacher saw his talent and spent her own money to buy special art supplies for G. “Mrs. Hovious was the only art teacher who really influenced me,” says G., “and her most important lesson was… don’t stop; work hard.”

In 1969, G. went on the “Clothes Line” art circuit doing shows from Michigan to Florida and North Carolina to Arkansas – selling hundreds of originals at very low prices, and “learning more about art, marketing, and survival.”

G. opened his first gallery in Murfreesboro, Tennessee in 1971. “but after a few years, my subject matter felt stale, and it seemed natural to head for the mountains of East Tennessee. I came to Gatlinburg in 1971 to help a friend set up a gallery, and spent a couple of seasons on mountain painting trips. That was it, I knew I was home.”

G175-2G. Webb creates beautiful scenery in watercolour and in his surrounding. There is a certain serenity and sense of order when you view his paintings, and his vintage Gallery in the Great Smoky Mountain Arts and Crafts Community in Gatlinburg. The flowers flourish outside the restored 1910 homestead that houses G. Webb Gallery on Buckhorn Road – and the results from his brushes flourish inside, welcoming all visitors to share G.’s views in every season.

G. has released more than 150 prints of diverse subjects in limited editions of various sizes. Several editions are sold-out and are doing well among collectors in the secondary market. G.’s subject interests focus on landscapes, mountainscapes, florals, people and the heritage of the mountains. He is well known for his renditions of historical sites such as “Memories of Elkmont.” in 1962, “The Mountain View Hotel” in 1958, and “A Mountain Christmas” which is the old E.E. Ogle Store in 1924. The Mountain Mall now stands on the site of the Ogle store.

AdragonflyIn 1984 G. married Vickie Erwin and they have created the brightest part of their lives in daughter Cami Monet. Cami Monet inherited her father’s gift; she is a talented watercolour artist, and her works are on display at G. Webb Gallery. She has quite a few collectors of her work.

G. Webb has the gift of blending creative individuality with universal appeal. His work captures the spirit of life as he sees it and pleases the viewer as well.